Friday, November 03, 2006

Day Two: sleep beckons!

Yes, I wrote yesterday...but I didn't write for a full 40 minutes, nor did I have the strength to blog about what I did manage to write. One lesson I remember from last year is how important it is to rest when necessary. Yes, I have a daily word goal, but that goal is flexible. On days when I teach (especially on days, like yesterday, when I get up insanely early to spend several hours grading before teaching an 8 am class), it's unrealistic to expect myself to be awake and energized enough to write when I come home.

So last night, I spent about 20 minutes writing...but when it became clear (as evident in the last line quoted below) that I was projecting onto my still-nameless protagonist the exhaustion I felt as I succumbed to gravity on my couch, I clicked "Save" and called it a night. There will be time later today and this weekend to play Word Count Catchup, but sleep is more precious than words.
Word count: 2,305
Where & when: on the couch, after a full day teaching
Last line: She too would collapse into the embrace of any natural force large enough to hold and carry her: it would take someone larger and stronger than Atlas, she thought, to carry for an instant the load she carried with her constantly.


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